10 miles and counting !

It’s been a while since I last blogged so here is my latest update……

After completing the Staines 10k, a few winter couchies were taking part in the Cabbage patch 10 alongside lots of other Runnymede Runners. This is a 10 mile run that takes you from Twickenham to Kingston, Ham, Richmond before finishing back in Twickenham. I had only run 10 miles once before with the lovely Jean Knapp, who took a few couchies from all groups, catering to all our speeds. It was nice to get a feel for the distance, with no pressure and no concept of how long or hard 10 miles would be. Needless to say, I recorded my time so that it could act as a guide for when we ran the race.I really had no idea how long it would take to run 10 miles so wasn’t surprised that it took the best part of 2 hours, 1 hour 53.55 to be precise. In the lead up to the Cabbage Patch 10 my only goal was to try and beat that previous time. 

It has to be said that after running 10 miles you get a massive sense of achievement.Not so much during the race! During the race it was more ‘WOW we still have to run another 5 miles we are only half way round!’ Then you start counting down, only 3 miles to go etc. The mindset switches from one  minute thinking ‘amazing, I am actually running 10 miles’ to the next, ‘why am I running 10 miles!’

I felt good up to mile 6 and 7 then suddenly I started to think that I was finding it tough (mind over matter). So I debated taking the energy gel handed to me at a feed station – ‘should I risk taking it, as I hadn’t tried one before, was it wise during a race?’ In anycase, take it i did and though it tasted awful, it had the desired effect. Jimmy kept encouraging me and seemingly the miles came and went. Being handed a can of London Pride with about a mile to go was not really in my game plan, but it’s a tradition well known to Cabbage Patch veterans.I managed to carry it til the finish line ……’I don’t even like Ale why am I carrying it!’ …. then unceremoniously dropped it just across  the line, nearly wiping out a volunteer removing time chips. My finish time was 1 hour 37.39 which I was really chuffed with.

I am still amazed that I have been running since January and that the couchie gang that started together a year ago are still going strong. We have had injuries, good runs and bad, but best of all we are still running. Some are entered into marathons, some are considering halfs. I am sure all of us would agree that signing up for the Runnymede Runners C25K course was a great way to start 2016 and look forward to what 2017 has to offer. With both huge disappointment and relief mixed in, I recieved news that my London Marathon entry for 2017 was unsuccessful.  After running 10 miles that extra 16 will take some doing…..perhaps a half first…. but definitely a marathon at some point.

The Runnymede Runners winter 2016 couchie gang almost one year on at Christmas – Happy New Year and welcome to your running adventure to the winter 2017 intake!


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