After finishing our C25k graduation Park Run we returned to normal mid week training with Runneymede Runners.   One evening our other couchies were not around and James and I were set to do our 4 x 10 minute runs when someone from the club suggested we join them on the Lammas run.  This takes you out through Staines back along the motorway about 5 miles long (a step up from 5k). We thought we might be able to cover the distance and set off with team to give it a go. The first thing we noticed was the change in speed.  There was certainly no small talk about how our week was going as we focused on trying to keep up. Luckily the Pooley Green level crossing was down allowing me to catch my breath. The other club members were great and waited for us when we dropped slightly behind.  This was to ensure we were going the right way (or perhaps just making sure no short cuts were taken…thanks Leigh and Arun!)!
Whilst doing the training for our 5k debut run, James suggested that we should have a target for what would come next. The suggestion was that we should register for the Staines 10k. I agreed that it sounded good, secretly hoping entries may already be full. Needless to say we got in and suddenly the thought that we need to run further sunk in


Whilst talking to Dave on one of our training runs he said that he would happily do an unofficial 5210k training with us and so the C25210K group was born. We have been joined by some other members of the running club and are now enjoying longer runs around Saville gardens of an evening.
Since joining the club I have become obsessed by the distances we have been covering.  One evening I finished our run with my app reading total 99.6 miles completed. On the drive home I couldn’t get the number out of my head and ended up running up and down my road until I hit the magic 3 digit number. 100 miles completed in my first 3 months with the club (sad I know).


So what next?
We have already been discussing the possibility of competing in the Great South Run in October and after watching the London Marathon, that’s obviously on my bucket list of to do’s.
As far as my New Year’s resolution goes, it’s still very much work in progress, but we are nearing the end of April and I am still enjoying my running with a great bunch of people. Signing up to the Runnymede Runners C25K was one of the best things my wife suggested I do (she is still taking full credit!)

Massive thanks to Arun Gomes, Dave Bird, Chris Wellend and all the other Runnymede Runners that have helped out over the duration of our running journey so far.


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